Golf Courses Lawrence KS

Have fun and try out different golf courses around Lawrence. Switch it up sometimes and take the time to work on swing strokes at the driving range prior to scheduled tee times. Here you will find access to local golf courses in Lawrence with convenient golf carts and exceptionally maintained teeing grounds, fairways, roughs, and putting greens with challenging sand traps, bunkers, and water hazards that will sharpen your game during the 18 holes. You can also check if the golf professionals at the course have golf training classes available. Playing golf is fun. Find a course that makes you happy and enjoy the game.

Golf Stories

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What is the name of your favorite golf course?

Blue and White

Please list the city and the state of your favorite golf course.

State college, pa

What do you like about this course?

Layout, price, location

The course facilities include:

Driving range, clubhouse, event space for rental, no pool or other such entertainment space

My most memorable game at this course:

First time playing a full round with my now husband

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