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Investing on your own golf equipment gives you a satisfying feeling when you get on the course to play the game. Having the right golf equipment and apparel will give you the confidence to go that extra mile. Here you will find access to various local golf bag and apparel shops around Rapid City that are ready to satisfy your needs at competitive prices. Find a vast selection of golf bags, stand bags, travel bags, ladies golf bags, children’s golf bags, golf carts, discount golf bags, used golf bags, push carts, men’s golf bags, golf t-shirts, pants, shorts, shoes, gloves, headgear and more.

Golf bags: Many shapes and sizes

Golf bags: Many shapes and sizes

James Achenbach
  • By James Achenbach
  • August 3, 2010 11:03 a.m.
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Golf bags come in many sizes and designs. They also fulfill many functions. Here are three new bags – two carry bags and one cart bag – with features of distinctive personalities.

Club Glove Sunday Bag

The skinny: This rugged collapsible carry bag has a double strap and enough expandable pockets to accommodate just about anything a golfer might need. This 2.5-pound bag can carry a dozen balls, plenty of weather gear and even an umbrella.

Cost: $99

Web site: www.clubglove.com

LT Golf Eazy Bag

The skinny: Golfers with arm or shoulder problems will love this cart bag. It has a unique front opening that allows the removal and replacement of clubs without lifting them straight in the air. While in the bag, the clubs are kept in place by individual soft rubber holders. The bag also has wheels for maneuvering to a golf cart or vehicle.

Cost: $159

Web site: www.ltgolf.com

McKennon Player’s Bag

The skinny: Mike McKennon has achieved a lot of mileage with this quote: “As we developed the McKennon’s Player’s Bag, we considered every single feature of the modern golf bag. We didn’t use a damn one of them.” Bag is available in all leather, many colors and choice of one or two pockets.

Cost: $699 with lifetime repair or replacement guarantee

Web site: www.themckennongolfbagcompany.com ...

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